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Polishing and Deburring Equipment

Hangzhou Kafan Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly provides mass polishing and deburring equipment, including vibratory finishing tumber, centrifugal finishing machine, rotary barrel polisher, centrifugal disc finishing machine, various tumbling medias and compounds and so on. We make efforts to solve the surface finishing problems and obtain high glossiness and good finish of the products for customers, through polishing, deburring, radiusing, rust and contamination removal, etc.

Featured Products
    1. Round Bowl Vibratory Finishing MachineRound Bowl Vibratory Finishing Machine
    2. While the round bowl vibratory finishing machine grinding and polishing, the abrasive touches and leaves the polished workpiece periodically through the changing speed and direction to grind its different parts.
    1. Vibratory Polishing Machine with SeparatorVibratory Polishing Machine with Separator
    2. The vibratory tumbler with cover can isolate the sound caused by vibratory, also prevent any splash of compouds or medias, creates a friendly working consition. It is an humanized and reliable design to ensure safety and health.
    1. Vibratory Tumbler with Sound CoverVibratory Tumbler with Sound Cover
    2. The bowl finishing machine, featuring lower noise, is more environment friendly. The protection cover can avoid grinding fluid splashing and the automatic rising-lowering can be achieved by equipping electric controller.
    1. Curved Bowl Vibratory Polishing MachineCurved Bowl Vibratory Polishing Machine
    2. The innovative curved bowl design of vibratory finisher offers more thorough and powerful grinding between medias and parts, as well as releases stress and extends the finishing bowl life. A separating section is also optional for easy discharging.
    1. Centrifugal Barrel Finishing MachineCentrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine
    2. The centrifugal barrel finishing machine takes advantage of centrifugal forces. The centrifugal finishing machine is suitable for cleaning, deburring, polishing, radiusing and rust removal of the large-size components.
    1. Rotary Barrel PolisherRotary Barrel Polisher
    2. The rotary barrel polisher features simple structure, easy operations and low cost. Suitable for mass finishing of components, such as deburring, polishing, rust removal, scratch removal, radiusing and so on.
    1. Centrifugal Disc Finishing MachineCentrifugal Disc Finishing Machine
    2. The disc finishing machine features uniform grinding force and can overcome difficulties that sheet or thread components are easy to deform or overlap. Speed of the turnplate can stepless speed change from 0 to 250 r/min.
    1. Mass Finishing MediaMass Finishing Media
    2. Polishing media is the main media for finishing, which constantly grinds the workpiece to bring high glossiness and improves the surface quality. While grinding and polishing, the finishing media must be chosen according to the practical situation.